Green 4 Green’s staff makes available the experience of its professionals to provide design assistance and technical advice to GREEN OPERATORS (gardeners) and SECTOR TECHNICIANS (landscapers, architects and public bodies) offering themselves as a resource in that grey area that is often the missing link between the planning and executive phases.

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Technical and executive support for architects, landscapers and public technicians who need consultancy in the design phase for the choice of materials (plants and products) and their availability and supply.

A buffer between the designer and the executor of the project, with on-site inspections and assistance on sites.

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 We offer specialized assistance, a valid support capable of guaranteeing an adequate design study, for the most demanding customer, who is looking for a more design and sophisticated approach, perhaps based on the advice of their architect.

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Professional rendering through Photoshop


The service includes an inspection of the site for an interview/discussion with the customer and, if necessary, with the architect to understand cost targets and aesthetic and functional needs.

Management of the technical files to produce the project at a graphic level, and the creation of a related executive project with all the specifications of the types and quantities of materials to be used with relative positioning references for the implementation phase.

Formulation of the estimate for implementation.


The service includes all the points of FOR YOU with the addition of supervision in the executive phase, with the presence on site of one of our technicians who will help you manage the implementation phases of the project, guiding you in the most delicate phases of setting up the garden.

 All photos are related to gardens developed by our professional’s projects