green 4 green for the landscape researchers

Architects, agronomists, and landscapers are professionals who often reach out to us to discuss plant selection, inquire about the availability of specific species, or obtain information on pricing for their green area projects or specifications.

A productive exchange allows us to confirm the chosen species or identify suitable alternatives for project development, ensuring a smooth transition to the execution phase without encountering plant availability issues.

Several products we handle are of particular interest to this professional category.

Natural Mulching Fabrics are suitable for public projects where environmentally friendly mulching is required or to control erosion on embankments.

Mulching Mats and Shelters, both plastic and natural, are ideal for specification in reforestation projects.

Waterproofing Sheets are essential for designing natural water basins, such as those in public green areas or residential gardens.

in summary regarding plants

- trees
- ground cover shrubs
- shrubs and bushes
- perennial herbs
- forest plants
- form plants
- grasses
- shade and undergrowth
- aquatic marsh plants
- roses
- creeping plants

in summary regarding products

- turf anchoring systems
- mulching mats
- shelters
- waterproofing sheets
- mulching fabrics
- stones
- edging profiles
- outdoor pavements

selection of the most interesting products